BlueBirdTea Co's PARTEA in Nottingham

On Tuesday 24th October I was invited by Ellie (@EllieCreation) to the launch party of BlueBirdTea Co.
BlueBirdTea Co was born in Nottingham in 2013 and I'm thrilled that they are now open in Nottingham. The friendly staff, decor and the amazing tea aromas warmly invites you in and I will definitely be returning again for another visit.
The launch started at 6pm. Everyone was welcomed with a cocktail from a menu which consisted of 3 cocktails to choose from G+Tea, Spiced Rum Chai and a Unicorn Fizz. I tried a Unicorn Fizz which was a vodka, vanilla, lemon and blue raspberry tea blended with ice. This was called a unicorn fizz as the tea changed colour when the lemonade was added. Magical!
Chocolate treats and sweets were on offer from The Treat Kitchen and Oozee Boozee Bakes.
BlueBirdTea Co is ready for Christmas as their range of festive flavours are available. Gingerbread, Snowball,Christmas Cake and so many more. Click here to view the whole range on their website.
Me and my blogger friends really enjoyed smelling the teas and picking out are favourites. I had so many that I couldn't pick just one. I managed to narrow it down to "Bonfire Toffee" and "Cherry Bakewell" as I have a rather sweet tooth. I think that all of the tea blends are beautiful to look at and make a great picture for Instagram.
Down stairs there was a tea blending station to create your own tea to take home. I created white and coconut tea. I haven't tasted it yet but I will on my Instagram story so follow me there to see a live reaction.
BlueBirdTea Co runs tea mixology and blending workshops if you fancy making your own then why not give it a try.
Also you could have a go at print screening your own BlueBirdTea Co tote bag with "Nottingham" underneath the logo.
My degree is in Fashion Design and I loved screen printing so it took me back to my university days. Thanks to Sarah (@EntirelySarah) for helping me film when I screen printed my tote bag for my vlog.

Watch the video below on my YouTube channel.
You can find BlueBirdTea Co at
5 Victoria St

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