When the TimeHop app appears at the top of your Facebook news feed. Isn't it crazy when you look back at old Facebook status updates from years ago and realise how much everything has changed?  It's truly fascinating how many people have left my life, entered and stayed.

It's weird how we live day to day and think that nothing changes when actually it constantly does all of the time.
The status which came up on my Facebook newsfeed was back in 2011 and has inspired me to write this blog post about growth.

It made me realise that today I've become everything that I wasn't 6 years ago. I've grown into someone who loves themselves and is not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. I am not afraid to let go of what isn't working in my life. I'm not afraid of trying new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone. When you start something new it doesn't always feel positive at the start until a few weeks or months later.

The difference from then until now is that I now respect myself and listen to my own needs.  When you are an HSP (highly sensitive person) like I am then I think it's important to meditate and spend time with yourself to be in touch with your own feelings and needs. I've found that when I was younger I was easily influenced by people and what they thought of me. As I am getting older I have go of other peoples expectations and it's a liberating feeling.

I remember in the past how uncomfortable it felt for me to say "no" to others or even explaining how I felt when something had upset me because I didn't want my feelings to be a burden to them. It sounds absolutely ridiculous when I write it out now but it's the truth. That's who I was at one point in my life.

When you speak up for yourself,  let go of toxic people, situations and what you can't control in life then you feel free.

Perhaps it was all supposed to happen in my life so I can be this person who I am today. I really love who I am now and that's the biggest difference. I'm aware of what good friendships and relationships are because of self love.

My advice would be love yourself and see how your life changes for the better :)

Bunny Hugs,




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