Prezzybox's Jingle Mingle

On Thursday of 26th October. I was invited by Prezzybox to their Christmas Jingle Mingle event which was held in the downstairs bar at Baresca.
This was a jam-packed evening of networking with local bloggers and YouTubers, Perfume making workshops with The Perfume Studio London and Christmas wrap workshops. At 8pm there was a panel discussion with YouTube sensation Becky Sheeran (her YouTube channel is TalkBeckyTalk go check her out. She's lovely) along with Prezzybox who were sharing all of their knowledge with growing your social media platform and collaborating with brands.
I arrived at 5:30pm and was greeted by Rhiannen (who is the marketing assistant for Prezzybox). The room was a festive grotto filled with present balloons, glittery stars, fairy lights, christmas trees and a cheeky little Elf on the Shelf (which I think was watching me and making sure I was on my best behaviour before Christmas arrives).
Each table was decorated with a range of Prezzybox's weird and wonderful range of gift ideas. Click here to view over 1000 gift ideas on their website.

If you have been subscribed to my YouTube channel for a long time then you will know that I'm a big mermaid fan. My favourite products were the Mermaid - Lip Balm Duo and Make Your Own Mermaid Kit.
Also what caught my eye was the Polly Pocket Bag because I used to collect Polly Pockets when I was a child. The Polly Pocket Bag brought back fond memories of my childhood. Watch "Toys From The 90's" video on my YouTube channel if you would like to reminisce with me.
I created my own bespoke fragrance with The Perfume Studio's perfume workshop. Myself and a small group of bloggers all sat around a table to create our fragrances. The set up was a long row of small jars with perfumes at the bottom of them. They each had paper strips which were labelled with names and numbers.We had to pick 3 scents which was a base, middle and a top to create a fragrance. I picked 19 Gourmand (Base), 9 Heady Floral (Middle) and 4 Fruity (Top).
Ben (@Benjanosek) mixed my chosen scents together and put them in a small bottle for me. I called my fragrance "BunnyMoonstone".
My scent is a mixture of fruits and florals. I absolutely love my fragrance and I want to order this in a bigger bottle next time.
It's a wonderful gift idea to create your own bespoke scent for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday. I would love to try the more in-depth workshop with The Perfume Studio in the future. Click here to explore the different workshops that you can experience on their website.
Use the code JINGLEMINGLE which will get you you 10% off the Design Your Own Fragrance Kits. It is valid for 30 days (Expires 26th November 2017)

Then at 8pm it was time for a panel discussion with Becky (@TalkBeckyTalk) and Fran (@Fran_Prince88). It was a inspiring talk about working with brands, growing your content and tips on how to use social media to it's maximum potential. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities with my platform and has helped me to take my content in a new direction as from now.
The panel discussion has made me re-evaluate about who I am and what I have to offer to my audience.
I've realised that I am not the best blog writer and I really struggle with describing a place, situation or atmosphere.
It's not what I would call my strong point. However, since I started blogging in 2014 my writing abilities have improved.
I have realised that I have to play to my own strengths which is communicating visually. From now on I will be concentrating on filming YouTube videos. This is because I always get great feedback on my videos. It's time that I got back into posting videos weekly. I will be carrying on with my blog but I'd like it to be more photography focused.
The panel discussion has given me a new sense of direction and where I want my journey to go next.
Thank you Becky and Fran for inspiring me to take my content to the next level.
At the end of the evening we were each kindly gifted a personalised goodie bag each to take home. I think that Prezzybox captured my personality rather well as I was given a cupcake shower cap, bath crayons and a drinking fudge hot chocolate. I have a massive sweet tooth and enjoy a cosy bath on these dark autumn nights.

I'd like to thank Prezzy Box for a wonderful evening and inviting me.

Watch the official Jingle Mingle video on Prezzy Box's YouTube channel.
Watch my video below :)
Bunny Hugs,




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