Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorants Review

When I attended the Green Festival at Nottingham's Arboretum park in September. I mentioned in the vlog that I have become more conscious over the past year about what beauty products I use. I switched to cruelty-free beauty in April last year and it's been a slow journey of converting over to natural alternatives. The most recent swap is deodorant as I have been researching and learning about the effects that aluminum and chemicals has on the body when regular deodorant is used. 
I have been using Salt Of The Earth  Crystal Travel Size Deodorant over the past couple of weeks and I am impressed with the product and how excellent it works. I will never be going back to regular deodorant with the information that I know about it now and how effective Salt Of The Earth deodorants are.
Since I wrote the short review on my blog Salt Of The Earth saw it and contacted me via Twitter. They asked if I would like to try 2 of their deodorants from their new collection in exchange for my opinion.
I jumped at the opportunity because I love what Salt Of The Earth stands for by all their products are made in the UK, they do not test on animals, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the ingredients are natural.
The new collection is a natural deodorant in a spray bottle which is avaliable in various scents. Click here to view the range on their website. I love how they have a great selection of fragrances to choose from.
I got sent the Salt Of The Earth Rock Chick "Sweet Strawberry" and "Pura Aura" scented with melon and cucumber. Both fragrances smell lovely and not too heavy. The Sweet Strawberry is my favourite out of the two because sweet scents are more to my personal taste. I think the melon and cucumber smells more of a refreshing scent which is ideal for hot summer days.
For £5.99 in each deodorant you get 100ml of product which is a fair price for the amount that you get. I think that every time you spend your money, you are casting a vote towards what kind of world you want.
This is why I would rather pay more for a natural deodorant because I know that it's better for my body,  it's contributing to a good company who promote natural ingredients, looking after your health and against animal testing.
The packaging is colourful, clear and full of information about the product. I love the points on the back of the product stating what it does and the ingredients that it contains.
For each arm pit, I only need 3 sprays which I found gave me full coverage and long lasting protection all day. These deodorants do not leave any residue or marks on the clothes.
I would highly recommend these deodorants and if you are thinking of switching to natural deodorant then why not give these a try.

I'd like to thank Salt Of The Earth for sending me their products to try and liking my content :)

Bunny Hugs,


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