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Bumble Bizz Bloggers Workshop

Saturday 27th January. 1pm-4pm at Flour Mill Studio, Beeston. The phone app  Bumble   invited local bloggers to a blogging and photography master class. We used a new mode called  BumbleBizz  which is for professional networking. Ladies swipe right to make the first move. Guest speakers were Holly from @ ABranchOfHolly  and Rhys from @ RhysThePhoto . Thanks to @ JessWhoBlog  for organising. Bunny Hugs, Hayley xxx

Why You Should Book In For A Cervical Smear Test

The reason why you should book in for your cervical smear test ladies is because it could potentially save your life. From 22nd - 28th January 2018. Jo's Trust is launching it's campaign #Smear4Smear . Click  here  to be directed to the website. #Smear4Smear is to spread awareness about the importance of having a smear test. I want to open up and share with you my personal experience with receiving a abnormal result.  I had my first smear test when I turned 25. I was nervous and to make me feel more at ease the nurse explained to me the procedure and drew me a little diagram on a piece of paper with a pen about what would happen. The smear was over in less than 5 minutes and it only felt slightly uncomfortable because of the vagina spectrum. This a tool which opens up the vagina walls so that the nurse can take a swab sample of your cervix. A couple of weeks later I got a results letter which said that my sample showed up that I had low grade abnormal cells.  Th

January Essentials

Fancy beating the January blues? well I've decided to share with you my January Essentials to help put a smile on your face. The products which I use in the month of January are for extra self-care because I find this month a little depressing. All I want to do is hibernate in my bed, watch movies and eat an unlimited amount of snacks. I like to choose products which will help me get through the month by cheering myself up. I'm a fan colourful packaging and fruity scents.  In the winter months, I am more of a bath person. I love having a nice long hot soak in the tub to relax and warm up my body from the harsh cold weather outside. However, submerging your body in hot water for too long is not great for your skin as it dries it out. I like to go for a moisturising bath soak or foam to keep my skin moisturized. Which leads to my first January Essential, Baylis & Harding Beauticology Tropical Cocktail Bathf oam For Christmas, I got gifted a 400ml bottle of Baylis

Sunshine Blogger Award

Early Sunday afternoon as I was relaxing at my computer sipping a cup of green tea and staring out of my window thinking about the year ahead and what blog posts I should write. I logged onto Twitter and the lovely Kaylea from WillFlirtForFood has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award. The thumbnail for this post is when I visited Chilwell Allotments back in Summer 2016. They had some of the biggest and beautiful sunflowers which I have ever seen in my life. Click here to read the post. The Sunshine Blogger award is awarded to people that are ‘inspirational through their positivity and creativity in the blogging community’. Thank you Kaylea for nominating me. I enjoyed reading your answers click here to read her blog post. If you have been nominated by me, please follow the rules below: Say thank you in your blog post to the blogger who has nominated you, and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the