Why You Should Book In For A Cervical Smear Test

The reason why you should book in for your cervical smear test ladies is because it could potentially save your life.
From 22nd - 28th January 2018. Jo's Trust is launching it's campaign #Smear4Smear.
Click here to be directed to the website.
#Smear4Smear is to spread awareness about the importance of having a smear test.
I want to open up and share with you my personal experience with receiving a abnormal result. 
I had my first smear test when I turned 25. I was nervous and to make me feel more at ease the nurse explained to me the procedure and drew me a little diagram on a piece of paper with a pen about what would happen.
The smear was over in less than 5 minutes and it only felt slightly uncomfortable because of the vagina spectrum. This a tool which opens up the vagina walls so that the nurse can take a swab sample of your cervix.
A couple of weeks later I got a results letter which said that my sample showed up that I had low grade abnormal cells. 
The NHS wanted to investigate further into my results so I got referred to hospital for a colposcopy appointment a few weeks later.
While I was waiting for my appointment, I was browsing through Jo's Trust website. It's jam-packed of information with everything you need to know about smear tests, abnormal results, colposcopy procedures and more.
I found that learning as much as I could through the site helped me to feel more relaxed at when I attended the colposcopy appointment.
The doctor uses a microscope to look closer at your cervix and a special liquid to highlight the abnormal cells. A small sample of tissue is taken from the cervix to see if any further treatment is required.
I received the results from the biopsy a few weeks later and the doctors decided that I didn't need any further treatment. I'm absolutely fine and have been put back onto 3 yearly smear tests.
Please book yourself in for a smear test :) it's better to know your results because if anything is found then it can be treated early.
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