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5 Things You Should Do After Being Ghosted

Have you been a victim of ghosting? Ghosting is when someone disappears from your life without warning, reasoning or justification. This can leave you feeling confused and hurt as to why someone has done this to you. I've experienced ghosting in the past  and I wanted to share with you my 5 tips on how to survive being ghosted. 1. Don't take it personally Somebody disappearing doesn't reflect your self worth. The individual either doesn't want to deal with confrontation or figure out the situation with you. It shows the immaturity of that person. 2. Don't confront Confronting the person won't change how they feel. If someone can't see your value then they don't deserve to be around you.  3. Avoid hunting Delete their phone number, defriend them on social media and do everything possible to avoid them until you’re fully over them and the situation. 4. Move on  Silence is a form of power and control. See it for what it is which is emotion

The Head Of Steam Nottingham

Last night I was invited by TANK PR to have a sneak preview of a new pub which is opening in Nottingham today at 5pm called The Head Of Steam .  This cosy but with a modern-twist pub spreads over two floors and it offers over 120 types of craft beer, real ale and world beer. Along side the beer guests can order wine, cocktails and spirits. The Head Of Steam is a place where anyone can come along including dogs. I'm a huge dog lover and during my stay I made friends with 2 dogs which made my experience 10/10. The Head Of Steam offers a contemporary twist on classic pub grub. They serve food from 11am. I ordered a margarita cocktail to sip on as I browsed through the food menu. There is a wide variety to choose from and the prices are fair. I decided to try the Halloumi and red pepper hummus wrap with sweet potato fries which tasted fresh and delicious. For pudding I had the strawberry and rhubarb cheesecake which went down a treat.  The cheesecake was light and s

Happy Dough Lucky Nottingham

Do you fancy visiting a hidden gem in  Nottingham? It's  only open for 12 weeks, I would recommend visiting Happy Dough Lucky which is a pop up pizza restaurant located inside of The Lace House on Broadway Street. Happy Dough Lucky contacted me and asked if I would like to sample the food menu in exchange for a honest review on my blog. I jumped at the chance seeing as though they are currently ranking number 1 on Trip Advisor as the best place to eat in Nottingham. My table was booked for 6pm and  when I arrived I was warmly greeted by staff and handed a delicious rum punch cocktail from the bar. The restaurant is open plan so you can see everything made fresh in front of your eyes.  Happy Dough Lucky came about when the staff had a  trip to Naples.  It was fascinating to hear the story and they had brought back polaroid pictures which were on the walls.  For starters I sampled the garlic butter balls which were cooked to perfection. I'd recommend th

February Favourites

Hi everyone. I'm here today to share with you my February Favourites. All beauty products are cruelty free. I have only used 3 products consistently throughout February. Let's start with the first item. Salt Of The Earth Roll On Unscented Natural Deodorant If you have been a fan of my blog in  the past then you will know that I'm a big fan of Salt Of The Earth Deodorants. Click here to read my recent review on Salt Of The Earth Unscented Roll On Natural Deodorant. I'm impressed with the roller ball applicator, which has excellent coverage and long lasting protection. Glitter Eyes Pressed Glitter "Barely There" I mentioned at the beginning of February in my Birthday Gifts Haul video that I brought a Glitter Eyes Pressed Glitter in the shade "Barely There" as a present to myself. It was £6 from a little make up studio in Nottingham called  CaBella . Watch the video below. The pigment holds onto the eyelids extremely well and the colour

5 Budget Friendly Beauty Tips

At the moment I'm taking a break from making YouTube videos and I am focusing on self care. What do you do to take care of yourself? Let me know in the comments below. I've come up with 5 budget friendly beauty tips to make yourself look beautiful and save money. Visit Freebie Websites Before spending any money on any full size beauty products see what freebies you can find on the Internet first. I use wowfreestuff daily to see what samples and freebies I can order straight to my door. I always Google search a brand to see if they are cruelty free. So far I've recieved a moisturiser, perfume samples and new make up. I'm someone who always carries little samples of perfume in my bag because they are a great size and economical. Coconut Oil I saw a quote on Pinterest recently which said "a solution to all of life's problems is coconut oil" and I couldn't agree more. Coconut oil can be used in a multitude of ways such as a make up remover,