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My Top 5 Fun Days Out In Nottingham

Are you looking for some fun activities to do in Nottingham? Well here are my personal top 5 fun days out along with a video for each one so you can get a sample of what each experience is like. 5.Wollaton Hall and Deer Park Just past the QMC about 4 miles out of Nottingham you can explore Wollaton Park and it's grounds.This beautiful building has stunning grounds and wildlife. There are cafe and toilet facilities which are on site near the hall. It is great for walks or picnics. Also, when it snows it's a fun place to go sledging. 4.Arboretum Park  The Arboretum Park is an exquisite park full of wonderful trees, plants and water features. It's got a nice little friendly cafe with outdoor seating. The Arboretum holds events such as the Green Festival. Which I'd like to attend again this year. It's handy to get to because it's in central Nottingham on the tram route. 3.University Of Nottingham - Highfield's Park This has a boating lake, crazy go

Trying On Autumn Clothes

Are you looking for some autumn style inspiration? Well, you've come to the right place. I recently browsed around the city centre to see and try on the plus size autumn fashion that's available at this time of year. Find out by watching my video below :) On this trip I visited New Looks and Dorothy Perkins. Some garments I liked, others I didn't and I also got stuck in a few as I was trying them on as they didn't fit (haha). I wanted to make this video to show what clothes like on a real person rather than on a mannequin or model. I'm 5ft 9 and a size 16/18. I have curves, scars, wobbly parts and cellulite. I'm loving the body positive community at the moment on Instagram .  Diet culture and the media seem to only think that one type of body shape is acceptable. It's not true because all bodies are wonderful and they should be celebrated. I'd love to make more videos trying clothes on so if you would like more then let me know by hitting the

40 Beauty Questions Tag

Hi everyone I get asked many questions on Instagram about   what beauty products I use. I wanted to answer the 40 beauty questions tag to share with you everything from what my favourite make up brands are to my top 3 beauty tips. If you want to complete this tag why not let me know your answers in the comment section or tag me in your blog or youtube video. Let's do this! 1. What is your favourite make up brands? Barry M, Gosh, NYX,Essence, Collection, Elf,  The Body Shop, Lush, Glitter Eyes, Make Up Revolution, MUA, Lottie London and Bare Minerals 2. What is your favourite cosmetic? Mascara 3. Which brand's eyeliner do you love the most? Barry M Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner as it's got a great applicator and the formula stays on well. 4. Name a brand that has ever caused you a skin allergy Waitrose PURE. I used one of their facemarks and my face blew up like a balloon. 5. Which three cosmetics are always in your handbag? Collection's powder in