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Rainbow Road

Hi everyone This afternoon I visited Rainbow road on Broad Street in Hockley . Rainbow road contains f our vibrant LGBT flags which have been painted on the surface of the road to welcome the LGBT community to Nottingham.   I think it's wonderful that we have this art piece in the city because I believe everyone should love who they want to love and free to be whoever they want to be.  Watch my latest vlog below of when I visited rainbow road and found some awesome Disney finds in Primark :- Love  is love   🌈  Bunny Hugs, Hayley xxx

Decorating Doughnotts

Hi everyone on the evening of 27th June I was invited by Bumble to a donut decorating workshop at the new Doughnotts store which has opened on Kings Street. The workshop was gifted to me by Bumble in exchange for social media coverage. I think that Doughnotts is the best donut store in the East Midlands so I'd recommend that you pop by for a visit and try a donut because they are delicious. Check out their Instagram account here   ( warning contains major food porn) + A small group of bloggers were given 3 plain doughnotts to decorate however we wanted with a wide variety of sweet treats galore to choose from.  These are my final donut designs. If you want to know the inspiration for my donut designs why not watch the vlog on my YouTube channel below :) Bunny Hugs, Hayley xxx