Vlogmas Week 1

Hi everyone
I'm attempting weekly vlogmas this year. Hooray!
If you have been living underneath a rock and you don't know what vlogmas is. Vlogmas is filming and uploading a video everyday up until Christmas Eve. I've been put off filming previous years as I didn't think my life was entertaining enough to upload or share anything. One of my flaws (which i'm working on) is that I compare myself to other creators. However this year I've decided that I'm not going to compare myself anymore. I'm going to upload my everyday real mundane life.  I posted my thoughts to Twitter and a viewer got in contact and reminded me that the things which I find boring  could actually be really interesting to others to watch. Which was a great point and gave me the push to start filming. Thank you.

The reality of vlogmas is that all of the amazing things you see other creators do for the festivities are often the best bits. They don't necessarily show the struggles that they are facing behind the scenes. Christmas can be a hard time for so many people including myself. I think it's important to be kind and considerate to eachother.
I hope you enjoy my first week of vlogmas. I take a trip to feed the ducks at my local pond, browse Aldi for the latest beauty bargains, recommend my favourite ASDA beauty products which i'm loving currently and have a chat about my journey with counselling and coginitive behaviour therapy for anxiety.

Bunny Hugs,


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