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My Cervical Screening Story: High Abnormalities, LLETZ Treatment And Recovery

Why am I smearing my lipstick? It's because I want raise awareness for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust  and getting your smear test done. I know that we are smack bang in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. But if and when it's safe to do so, I encourage you to get tested. Smear tests take less than 5 minutes and it could potentially save your life. I've decided to share my cervical screening story and what has happened to me recently because it might help someone and if makes one person go for their smear test because of my story then that will make me feel so fulfilled. I don't believe that their should be any taboo with talking about smear tests seeing as though half of the population has a cervix. I mentioned on my Instagram story a few weeks ago that I had to go into hospital for treatment and this is the reason why. I went for my routine smear test early in March. My result arrived in the post few weeks later and it showed that I had high to severe a