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Celebrating My Birthday In Lockdown

Hi everyone. I recently celebrated turning 33. We are all in the same boat with having a lockdown birthday and it sucks. I miss physically seeing people and having the freedom and options to do things if I want too. It’s funny how much things can change within a year. This time last year I was getting all dressed up, celebrating with friends, drinking in a pub and hitting the dance floor. A time when we were all blissfully unaware about what was to happen in the world and I made so many plans in my mind of things I wanted to do which have now all been put on pause. But the pandemic has made me embrace the little things in life more such as filling my body with good food, taking daily walks and learning new crafts. Watch my birthday vlog below:- I hope everyone is staying safe. Bunny Hugs, Hayley xx

Hello 2021

Hi everyone I'm back on my blog! How is my little corner of the internet doing? We've got some catching up to do from last year. 2020 well, what can I say? No one expected a worldwide pandemic that's for sure. Life has been turned upside down and there has been so much struggle and difficulty. Being in a national lockdown and not being able to see loved ones, hug each other or go out. It really makes you appreciate the little things in life and face to face communication. On a personal level I've found it so overwhelming and draining at times. I've barely posted anything on here due to focusing on my well being. My creative projects and ideas started out well at the beginning of the year but have now completely faded. I hope to get some inspiration back because I'm not ready to quit just yet. I've made a start with returning to YouTube. Check out my video below. Losing Magic back in October was hard as she has been there for me over the past 7 years especial