Goodbye BunnyMoonstone

7 years ago, in 2014, I created a little blog here on the internet via my pseudonym "BunnyMoonstone" which then turned into a YouTube channel shortly afterwards. Life was different and so was I, I had rabbits and that was my niche at the time. I made videos about  beauty, lifestyle and rabbit care. I've learnt so much when it comes to uploading, editing and marketing. I had no expectations with what I wanted to achieve or the outcome. All I wanted was a corner of the internet that I could express myself, make friends and network with like minded people. Anything else that happened would be just a bonus and I was pleasantly surprised.

Over the years I've been invited to blogging events and collaborated with worldwide brands. I've been invited to openings of hair salons, shops and restaurants in Nottingham. Rush Hair & Beauty Salon on Long Row has a special place in my heart as that was the first ever blogging event that I got invited to in 2016 and I still have my guest pass lanyard.I'm proud of what I've built as BunnyMoonstone. My favourite highlights include being invited to Lush to create bathbombs, It's In Nottingham Small Business Saturday, Chico Latino's Chinese New Year Party, White Post Farm and Goosefair. 

Fast forward to 2021 and I'm 33, single and I don't have any pets at the moment. I still want to make cruelty free beauty videos and reviews but also I want to travel more and pass my driving test. After being isolated for most of the year due to the pandemic I think it's made me realise how important your freedom is and that it's fun to explore, and broaden my horizons. Growth and change is completely normal but I can't become who I want to be if I carry on in the same direction. I felt as though my pseudonym was restricting with me with what I could create so I've now rebranded my name to Hayley C. 

Over the years you've watched me change into who I am now and I hope that you continue on this journey with me.


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