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2021 Reflection & New Beginnings

Hi it's Hayley C here. I've been in hermit mode for most of this year. Recently I was looking back at my old videos and reminiscing about pre-covid times.I realise the importance of documenting and I love sharing things from my perspective.   Lockdown gave me time to appreciate the little things in my life and I could focus on what made me feel good and it would be little things such as a good meal or  Saturday night zooms which were a reason to get dressed from the waist up.  Even though lockdown has been lifted for a couple of months now, I don't feel like life is back to normal just yet because unfortunately covid is still here. There is so much uncertainty as to what you can and can't do. The last time that we spoke was back in May when I said goodbye to my old nickname and I was in counselling for a couple of weeks. I think therapy can be quite glamourised in the media but I tell you that there is nothing glamorous about it.  Doing inner healing work and reflecting